MATH 103

Tomorrow's Office Hours: 6pm-10pm! Room May Change; Check by 5pm to see.
Great turn out at office hours today! I'm glad to see and meet all of you! We went over the homework assignment. Some key things to note from tonight's office hours:
  • To show linearity you must show a constant rate of change, and if showing nonlinear, show a non-constant rate of change
  • "Equation balances" aren't too difficult, it is simply representing an equation visually. To learn more, you can follow along with this manipulative: (requires Java)
  • (Tutorial on how to use the balance manipulative:
  • Write out tables for given data
  • Probability of "at least one = 1 - none" -> P(at least one) = 1 - P(none)
  • To run an experiment using random digits, assign outcomes to sets of digits that preserves the probability of the outcome, so if the probability of choosing a blue ball is 2/5, then if I'm using 2 digits, i need to assign 40 of the digits to be blue so that 40/100 = 20/50 = 2/5. Probability is preserved.
  • Experimental (empirical) probability [what did happen in my experiment] vs. Theoretical probability [what should happen, the "true" probability]
I have emailed asking about a room change for tomorrow's office hours, so keep checking to see if there is an update. I would say that I should know by 5 o'clock if there is a room available. I will definitely post the new room if there is a change, otherwise plan on it being in room 160 Education Building.

For those of you unable to make it, and for last minute questions, I will be holding office hours again on Wednesday, 11/17, from 11am-2pm in the front lobby of the Education building (where the tables and chairs are).



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