MATH 103

I'm sorry for those of you who went to room 192, it was locked and apparently room 160 was still open so we held office hours there. I didn't know what the scheduling conflict was, but I was told that my room was not going to be available. Sorry!

Today's office hours we reviewed:
  • domain, range; how they are related to independent vs. dependent, input vs. output, and x vs. y
  • how to find the rule of a table of data (which can be found in the tutorials)
  • what numbers are (e.g. natural vs. integer vs. rational vs. real, check out this website:
  • discrete vs. continuous
  • linear vs. nonlinear functions
  • how to determine of a function is proportional, exploring relationships of slopes in a data table
  • quadratic, absolute value, and exponential functions (went over Activity 13 on page 304)
  • translations of the above functions (pages 302 and 303)
  • relationship between function, graph, table, and story

If you have the time, please fill out the following so I can better prepare for office hours so you can get the most out of the time:
I have posted some suggested problems for Chapter 13 if you would like some extra practice. Feel free to request solutions through the contact form.

Stay warm! I'm definitely getting some hot chocolate tonight :)


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