MATH 103

Hello everyone! I wanted to remind you that tonight's office hours will be held in room 192 Education building, which is NOT our regular room.

I also wanted to point out that I had added a Tutorials section, and have posted 2 tutorials showing how to determine a function rule given a table of data. Check them out, comment on them if you'd like (I'd appreciate it!).

Also, please fill out the Office Hours Survey, I want to hear from those of you wanting to come to office hours what exactly you want to accomplish, and I'll try my best to do that. So far I've heard that your classmates feel the material is rushed and want a mini-lecture to review material. So from now on the first hour of office hours will be a lecture review. Since I do not attend lectures, I would greatly appreciate it if someone can comment or email me after lecture exactly what sections were covered and I will write up a review throughout the day.
Today I plan on going over the remainder of Chapter 13 for the first hour and then be open to questions at 9pm.

Question: Does anyone want office hours to be moved? I feel that Mondays aren't as helpful to you. I can be made available on Thursday nights from 8pm-10pm as well if there is enough interest. If you want something done with the office hours, please answer the poll!


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