MATH 103

Hello everyone!

In addition to tutoring for MATH 103, I will also be providing help in preparation for the Basic Skills Test (any section). Also, I know Kathleen Smith has also recommended the students for MATH 117 to attend my office hours as well. Both math courses use the same textbook, so I will be able to address any questions you may have. Of course, if you attend office hours please bring any supporting material (e.g. labs, quizzes, etc.) since I do not have copies of those.

I will be stopping by the MATH 103 labs tomorrow and on Friday in order to introduce myself. I hope that you take advantage of all the opportunities available to help you succeed as a student, educator, and lifelong learner.


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    Julie Serwy

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    The hashtag #math103 will be used for information pertaining to office hours.


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