MATH 103

Note: Tomorrow's (11/2/10) office hours will be held 8-10pm in Room 192 Education Building.

As tonight's office hours are coming to a close, I'm going to go over what we did.
I reviewed functions, how to find the function rule given a table of data, and how to generate a graph given a table or function. There's a three way relationship:
  • Given a table, you can generate a graph and function (rule)
  • Given a function (rule), you can generate a graph and a table
  • Given a graph you can generate a table and a function (rule)
In your book the mention a fourth component, the story. This is basically being able to interpret a word problem into the relevant data to put into a table, function, and graph.

I added some suggested problems over section 13.1-13.4, feel free to look at them. If you want solutions made then please request the problem number (with page number) through the contact form. If you have submitted something through the contact form and haven't seen it posted within a day, then please email me because I am not receiving your posts.

  • I will no longer be attending lectures. 
  • I have a copy of the book.
  • Feel free to email me anything, I typically respond within a few hours if it is simple, but I get to everything within a day. 
  • Also, please fill out the Office Hours Survey so I know what you want to be provided through office hours.
  • I have added many resources to the By Topic and Further Learning pages.
  • There are new suggested problems.
  • Office hours tomorrow are in room 192.
I leave you with some math humor.

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