MATH 103


Standard 14

Solve problems involving integers, fractions, decimals, and units of measurement. 
The following are examples of content that may be covered under this standard. 
• Solve problems involving integers, fractions, and decimals, including percentages. 
  1. Converting Fractions to Decimals to Percentages Worksheet:,%20Decimals,%20and%20Percents.pdf
  2. Markup/Discount Worksheet:,%20Discount,%20and%20Tax%20(Harder).pdf
  3. Mixtures Worksheet:
• Solve problems involving ratios and proportions. 
  1. Ratios and Proportions Worksheet:
  2. Proportions Word Problems:
• Solve problems involving units of measurement, including U.S. customary and metric
measurements, and conversions, including scientific notation (e.g., 6.05 × 10^8)
  1. Scientific Notation Worksheet:
  2. Scientific Notation Operations Worksheet:
• Use estimation skills to solve problems.