MATH 103


Standard 16

Solve problems involving algebra and geometry. 
The following are examples of content that may be covered under this standard. 
• Graph numbers or number relationships. 
  1. Graphing Lines Using Standard Form Worksheet:
  2. Graphing Lines Using Slope-Intercept Form Worksheet:
  3. More Graphing Worksheet:
• Find the value of the unknown in a given one-variable equation. 
  1. Distance, Rate, Time Worksheet:
  2. Work Worksheet:
  3. One-Step Equation Word Problems:
• Express one variable in terms of a second variable in two-variable equations. 
• Solve problems involving lines and angles. 
  1. Proportional Parts in Triangles and Parallel Lines Worksheet:
• Solve problems involving two- and three-dimensional geometric figures  
(e.g., perimeter and area problems, volume and surface area problems).
  1. Name the Shape Worksheet:
  2. Volume of Prisms and Cylinders Worksheet:
  3. Surface Are of Prisms and Cylinders Worksheet:
  4. Volumes of Pyramids and Cones Worksheet:
  5. Spheres Worksheet: