MATH 103


Suggested Problems

If you want to request suggested problems to be posted, come  to office hours and they can be assigned then or please request which chapter from which you would like the problems to be assigned by filling out the contact form. If you do not know when office hours are held, please check the schedule page.

If you want solutions to the suggested problems (I haven't checked to see if they are in the back), then send me an email through the contact form asking for a solution to be written up for the problem.

Learning Exercises for Section 13

  • 13.1 #3, 6, 8
  • 13.2 #3, 4, 5, 8, 10
  • 13.3 #2, 7, 8; Supplementary Exercises #1
  • 13.4 #2, 4; Supplementary Exercises #1
More suggested problems can be found on the study guides for the respective chapter you wish to practice, located on the study guides page.